Ice Hall Mall in Barrington adds clothing, tailoring shop EwelineB Fashions

When clothes designer Ewelina Barlak first visited Chicago to see friends, she came away impressed by the fashionable apparel on display.

"For me, Chicagoans have a good sense of fashion," Barlak said. "I know people usually say New York City or Los Angeles. It's Chicago for me. I knew right away."

Barlak said her new store, called EwelineB Fashions, has the potential to grow in the Barrington-area market, offering customers three main clothing lines – day, cocktail and occasion – every winter and summer.

Aside from women's clothes, the new store also will offer customers design services and custom tailoring, she said. The merchandise especially is meant to tailor to customers living in the area, Barlak said.

"We make dresses that come with jackets, so that women can wear the jackets on a walk, then take them off when going to dinner at night," she said.


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