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Message from EwelineB

EwelineB is a company concerned with the design and production of its own collections (also

bespoke) using carefully selected fabrics and accessories.

The Pret a Porter and Haute Couture collections are created at the Company Atelier, while

fabrics and accessories are sourced with reputable suppliers.

The owners of the Company continuously search for the best possible subcontractors, and

are personally involved in assuring the quality of deliveries and production, as well as in

providing appropriate working conditions for the production of their collections.

The development of such a business model in the fashion sector is not only the Company's

mission statement and its owners' vision; it is also consistent with their attitude of

responsibility towards people and nature.

EwelineB is actively involved with the promotion of Slow Fashion. The market for services of

this type continues to develop as interest in healthy, often organic, lifestyles and

manufacturing processes becomes more and more widespread. Consumers are becoming

wary of mass-produced clothing, which is not only low-quality and replicated in millions of

pieces , but also increasingly produced from fabrics and accessories which are hazardous to

health (e.g. due to harmful dyes used).

EwelineB products are crafted to reflect the quality and exclusiveness associated with the

brand. We use only high quality fabrics such as cashmere, wool, silk, raw silk, cotton, and

linen. EwelineB products made from these fabrics are perceived by buyers to be of higher

value and quality than similar products on the market, and thus can fetch a higher price.

what we offer

- not a mass production

- clothing made with excellent fabrics

- interesting design

- the incredible attention to detail

- impeccable finish

style for any woman who appreciates, good fabrics , unique design, excellent finish.

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